Fiorenzato F83 E XGi

Available in color :

Smart XGi Electronic Coffee Grinder 

Touchscreen Display with CapSense Technology

Technology dedicated to precision in the XGi “smart” models: the dose of coffee becomes a fixed constant that does not change over time!

Thanks to the innovative solution of the XGi coffee grinder, the quantity of coffee dispensed, CALCULATED IN GRAMS AND SET ONLY ONCE, will not change, guaranteeing precise doses and avoiding any waste.


  • Doses adjustment: in grams
  • Ring nut micrometric grinding adjustment: continuous
  • Varnishing: adjustable, with support
  • Fork: standard
  • Power: 650 watt
  • Blades type: flat
  • Blades diameter: Ø 83 mm
  • Blades revs: 1350/min (50 Hz) – 1550/min (60 Hz)
  • Coffee bean hopper capacity: 1,5 kg
  • Net weight: 20 kg
  • Dimensions: 255x700x310 mm

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